Technical Report on Live Linux CDROM

Description: The research paper talks about Live Linux CD-ROM. The research paper suggests that bootable CDROMS with small Linux rescue system is gaining popularity in both business size and regular size CD ROMS.


The research paper Technical Report on Live Linux CDROM suggests that the Live LINUX CD ROMS are becoming popular because of these things:

  • RAM prices are all time low and 512MB RAM costs less.
  • CDROM drives are becoming very fast and current read speed is topping at 72X.
  • CDROM IDE drives are very cheap; CDROM with 52X read speed is available at cheap prices.

It is suggested in the research paper that DVD-ROM is also getting very cheap and can carry 5 Gigabytes of Linux software and is three times faster than CDROM drive. Linux CD ROM is very effective over other similar devices, easy to install and can be upgrade via Linux Kernels every three months. And it’s a hassle free procedure.

A very unique and exciting thing about LINUX CD ROM is suggested in the research paper. It is suggested that “Live Linux CDROM” promotes RAPID Operating System UPGRADE. One can upgrade an OS in less than 5 seconds!! “Live Linux CDROM” introduces the concept of mass upgrade and RAPID ACTION. Simply discard the old “Live Linux CDROM” and use the new CDROM and you have upgrade already.

What are the requirements of a Live LINUX CD ROM:

The paper posits the following requirements:

  • Live Linux CDROM”
  • CPU
  • Mother board
  • NIC (Network Interface Card) (Not compulsory!)
  • CDROM drive (IDE or SCSI)
  • RAM (32 MB minimum for full graphics and 16 MB minimum for console mode)

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that LINUX CD ROM features are very appealing and will be accepted on a massive scale in the years to come.

Download Technical Report on Live Linux CDROM.

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