Computer Science Engineering Seminar on Lamp Technology

Computer Science Engineering Seminar on Lamp Technology is a shorthand term for a web application consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Combining these tools provide a world-class platform for web applications. The Apache web server, the MySQL database and the programming languages, PHP or Perl make the components which are needed to construct secure scalable dynamic websites, running on Linux operating system.

 The application availability and highest levels of data is critical with many LAMP sites which are running Ebusiness logic and Ecommerce site and requiring 24×7. The availability is ensured by providing constant monitoring end-to-end application stack. Some applications support the movement of LAMP components to remove the necessity for downtime which are associated with planned system maintenance.

LAMP gives a two tiered application development platform. There is a database and a “smart” web server that helps to communicate with the database. Clients talk to the web server whereas the web server talks to the database when needed.

LINUX is commonly used implementation of UNIX. Apache is the most popular web server on the Internet. MySQL is a fast flexible Relational Database. Technologies used on the client side are Active X Controls, Java Applets, and Dhtml and Client-Side Scripting and the technologies on the server side are CGI, ASP, JavaServer Pages and Java Servlets, and PHP.

Advantages of lamp are highest levels of availability, full 32bit and 64bit support for Xeon, Itanium and Opteron-based systems, supports Active/Active and Active/Standby LAMP Configurations, data can reside on shared SCSI, Fiber Channel, Network Attached Storage devices, and maximizes ecommerce revenues.


LAMP has been best known as “the killer app” in the open source world. The great secret of all websites apart from .html pages is that the web server is a part of a two or three tiered application server system. Open Source plays an important role in driving web technologies. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) is much wiser than the alternative (Microsoft, IIS, Asp).

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