Jewellery Shopping PHP Project

Project description: Jewellery is known by everyone. Jewellery is most important item for everyone life.If you want to earn more reputation in society then buy and wear so much Jewellery.

Jewellery is considered as a symbol of richness and this Jewellery Shopping project allows to keep on eyes on all the transaction in the jewellery shop.

Project scope: I have added this Jewellery Shopping project in php with some awesome features you can make it online by adding some more functions in may be used as a final project in IT field.

Project Advantages or features: Online Jewellery shop php project have some powerful features which i have described below:


  1. It may be used as mini project in subsystem.
  2. Give a original view on all activities performed in the shop.
  3. Maintains the historical records on all transactions.
  4. Flexible project you can edit its code very easily.
  5. Ready to download.
  6. No need of deeply coding,only some basic php and html coding is needed to understand the project,even a beginner can understand it very soon.
  7. Error free project.
  8. No any doubt of misleading information of business.
  9. No any cost to pay in downloading the project,just you have to click on download button and it will be start in few seconds.

Project Title : Jewelery Shop Project
Front End: Php
Beck End: Mysql


  1. Type of Jeweler: – This Module Will Show all the Types of Jeweler in that shop .
  2. Details of Supplier:- The Information about all the suppliers who give jeweler to that shop
  3. Details of Employee:- Model for knowing the about the employee who work in that shop
  4. Details of customers: Module for finding the customers information


  1. WAMP — Web Application Server
  2. PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
  3. MySQL — Database
  4. XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

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  1. Can i get the admin code of this project
    That admin module want to add the items ,Will u send me the admin code

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