Technical Seminar Report on Airborne Internet for CSE Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar on Airborne Internet:

From the dawn of the 21st century, the boom in the internet sector particularly the broadband spectrum is of enormous proportions. Nowadays generation wants everything at a lighting quick speed, be it food or internet. If internet was used for just sending mails and searching something in the older times, todays internet is all about live streaming, social networking, connecting on the go etc. Internet service provider is obliged to provide the best and fastest internet to the consumer without any sorts of delay.

Usually all the internet we use in today’s world use satellite communication as its principal source of transmission. The proposed system called airborne internet works on an altogether different platform named high altitude long operation (HALO) eliminates the drawbacks of the current satellite communication system and it can notch up to 16gbps bit capacity.

HALO works on a wireless network platform with the principal source being an HALO aircraft circling across a specified area. These aircraft would be consisting of a twin turbofan propulsion system and would be installed with a wing frame that is fixed. The hub of the wireless communication system would be installed inside the aircraft with the topology being a star. Subscribers can subscribe to this technology and can receive signals from these HALO aircrafts virtually without any type of delay.

These aircrafts would be flying at a higher altitude than usual commercial and cargo aircrafts.  As it is flying so high, the weather factor would be also negotiated. The whole system would be operating within a diameter of 120 kilometers.

The main drawback of the existing popular satellite system is that it fails to transfer small packets among small group of local users effectively. Also the cost of the whole satellite communication process is huge and requires a lot of control and effort to manage these type of communications. The proposed HALO system would provide multimedia services which are seamless, global user connectivity, broadband on demand feature, secured and reliable transfer of data etc. 

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