What is Digital Image Processing Technical Document for Students

Description: The research paper What is Digital Image Processing Technical Document for Students speaks about Digital Image Processing. The research paper suggests that the image processing procedures depend on  storage, transmission and restoration of image using minimum number of bits without any noticeable trade off in the clarity of the image. Image processing is divided into three major operations.

They are:

1.      Image Compression

2.      Image enhancement and restoration

3.      Measurement extraction.

The research paper elucidates all these major operations of Digital Image Processing at leangth. The purpose of image processing is to digitize an image and make it capable of being stored in a computer disk or CD-ROM. This digitization procedure can be done by a scanner, or by a video camera connected to a frame grabber board in a computer. Once the image has been digitized, it can be operated upon by various image processing operations. The defects that creep in while digitizing can be rectified using the image enhancement and restoration technique. An image with poor contrast can be rectified using an image histogram. The research paper comments on image acquisition which often leads to image degradation. The Wiener filter is a solution to the restoration problem based upon the hypothesized use of a linear filter and the minimum mean-square (or rms) error criterion.  

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that the domain of digital image processing is gaining prominence like never before. There could be greater audio, video quality of pictures produced in the future. New tools to enhance the quality will sooner be included in the domain. Audio stream contain extremely valuable data, whose contents is also very rich and diverse. The combination of audio and image techniques, will definitely generate interesting results, and very likely improve the quality of the present analysis. Digital image processing has a long way to go.

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