Smart Card Technical Document

Smart Card Technical Document: A Smart Card is like a piece of plastic. It is of the same size like credit or debit card. It is embedded on a silicon chip. The chip consists of a microprocessor, which is a miniature computer. This can perform calculations and store data or information in its memory.

These chips hold a variety of data from stored information to secure information. It has applications which support operations like medical/health care records. New application or information can be updated added depending on the chip memory.

The card is called “smart” because it is “active”. This implied that card can receive information, execute it and then “get the result”.

Based on PC/SC standards, the basic components of the smart card subsystem include: application programming interface (API), user interface (UI), and several base service. The service providers make use of COM interface model to get smart card services.

The interaction between users and smart cards include different components. They are SMART CARD Readers, Smart Card Interfaces, Primary Service Provider, Introducing Smart Cards to the System, Accessing a Smart Card, and Relation to Other Services.

Smart cards are becoming most advanced way for the world works. Combining microchip technology with credit card size, smart cards has become computing power directly into the consumer’s pocket. This is nothing but a CardTouch that comprises libraries of standard components

Smart Cards are used in different areas as a credit card, phone card, SIM card, MTN air time card, Super Card, Clicks, Edgars, Woolworths, Petrol Cards etc.

There are other different kinds of cards used nowadays are contact, contactless and combination cards.


The conclusion made is that smart cards are convenient and provide wide range of value-added services. They reduce the risk of fraud and threats. These cards can provide identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing. They also provide strong security authentication within large organizations.

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