XML-Web Services CSE Seminar Idea-Abstract

XML-Web Services CSE Seminar Idea-Abstract: Web services allow applications to share data, invoke capabilities from other applications. Though Web services remain independent, they can link themselves into a collaborating group that performs a particular task. A Web Service is simply an application delivered as a service which is integrated with other Web Services using Internet standards. It is a URL-addressable resource and programmatic returns information to clients. One basic feature of Web Services is that clients do not need to know how a service is implemented.

 Technically, a Web Service is making a remote method call (RPC) where underlying transport is HTTP (internet). The methods are defined in WSDL using XML. The message is transported over HTTP in XML using SOAP protocol. The implementer implements web service with the help of technology like .NET or Java publishes its interface (WSDL) in UDDI (IBM, Microsoft). The user discovers web service (WSDL), and makes a call to the appropriate Method/function.

 An XML Web service is a programmable entity which provides an element of functionality like application logic which is accessible to any number of systems using ubiquitous Internet standards such as, XML and HTTP. XML Web services depend on the broad acceptance of XML and Internet standards for the creation of infrastructure which supports application interoperability that solves the problems.

XML-Web Services CSE Seminar Idea-Abstract Conclusion:

 An XML Web service is used either internally or externally over the Internet by any number of applications. An XML Web service allows heterogeneous systems to work together as a single web of computation because it is accessible through a standard interface. XML Web services provide a viable solution for data and system interoperability. XML Web services use XML-based messaging as a fundamental means of data communication. It helps to bridge the differences exist between systems that use in congruent component models, operating systems, and programming languages.

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