Tomcat Web Server Technical Seminar

Tomcat-Web-Server-Technical-Seminar Tomcat web server seminar topic explains about importance of tomcat server and its applications in web and how it is used in apache server and its applications in web servers. This seminar topic can be useful for computer science final year students as a technical seminar. This topic also covers features of servlets in tomcat.

Tomcat is a open source application with servlet features included in it which can be used by java developers for testing implemented code. Tomcat is refeared by top companies like sun which is main source of java. Tomcats main aim is to provide 100% features with servlet and java implementation.

Tomcat is one of the widely used test servers and used in software production environment because of its improved features away from testing server. One of main features on tomcat is adding apache suite products to it that too for free.

Few draw backs in improvements of tomcat are its shot open source projects which come without documentation.

Web server community has rated apache as a one of the best free servers available in the software industry. NCSA implementation in Apache has increased its popularity.

download Tomcat Web Server Technical Seminar Btech Final Year Project Seminar.

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