Voice Guider for Aged People and Patients

In this project voice guider for aged people and patients, we implemented a voice alert system based on the infra red technology; the main objective of this project is to guide the aged people, it will announce the details of the objects using a speaker.


The system receives the voice signals from the user and it stored in the integrated circuit memory of the micro controller and it is capable of storing multiple voice signals. And this each signal is assigned with a unique number in order to initialize in need. When user enters a number then the respective voice comes out. This system can record and erase the voice signals any number of times.

Project Category:

Voice based projects

Block diagram representation:

This project consists of the combination of control systems (micro controllers), manipulators (driver circuit and speaker), transmission circuit (IR receiver, crystal and reset circuit), power supplies and software programming combined together to perform the mentioned task.

 Download Voice Guider for Aged People and Patients

In order to regulate the voice alerts we used an IR remote and an IR receiver in the system. The IR receiver in the control circuit receives the input from the remote and sends it to the micro controller unit here the micro controller compares the numerical value to the store data and if it matches with the inside data it sends relevant voice signal otherwise it sends an error signal i.e. beep signal.

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