Interactive Voice Response System

INTERACTIVE-VOICE-RESPONSE-SYSTEMInteractive Voice Response System is a telecommunication project which is used to implement new business environment to fulfill certain requirements which is related to intelligent voice response. IVRS is one of the fast growing systems which will transform present business model in to customer useful model. This model is a voice recording system where voice responses are stored in database and when any customer requests for information through his mobile using key pad to navigate to the interested filed to find his answer. 

Decision tree is used to root the caller to his requested service based on the keypad inputs given by user. Basically IVRS systems are used to check bank balance, daily information on stocks, live updating on entertainments like movie show timings and ticket availability. 

            In telecommunication, Intelligent Voice Response, or IVR, is a mobile technology which works on the customer key pad number inputs using a normal phone call. IVR system will root the calls on the inputs submitted by customer to the desired voice recording system. Voice recordings are stored in the database and customer will hear pre-recording voices and inform customer about further rooting procedure to be followed.

 Hardware Used for implementing Voice Response System.

  • Ring Decoder 
  • DTMF Decoder 
  • MAX 232 
  • Relay 
  • Isolation Transformer 
  • Voice Card 
download Project Report  of  CSE Interactive Voice Response System is a telecommunication project.

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