Wireless Equipment Control Using Microcontroller

In our project wireless equipment control using microcontroller AT89C51, we implemented a wireless based control circuit for efficient operation of the industrial equipment. The proposed circuit is capable of switching four devices at a time in required time based on the time interval set by the user in the transmitter.

Wireless Equipment Control Using Microcontroller block diagram

The data is transmitted based on the wireless RF communication, using TRX -434 RF transmitter modules, RX-434 radio receiver module.

Transmitter section:

The transmitter section consists of 8-bit AT89C51 microcontroller, LCD module, and encoder IC (HT12E).

Receiver section:

The receiver circuit had 12v dc supply battery with 5v dc regulator, RX-434 radio receiver module, and HT12D decoder for demodulation of received signals, IC CD4519 multiplexer and ULN 2003 relay driver.

Youtube video link to view presentation ( circuit diagrams, pcd besign)


Software programming:

  The micro controller programming is done Keil C51 using the embedded c programming language, the compiler is used to convert the high level language into machine level language. The programming is an assembly level language based on embedded C.

Circuit assembly:

The total circuit components are assembled on the printed circuit board. The process of fabrication is done as follows, firstly prepare a circuit layout and draw it on the copper clad board – drill it for terminal holes – do etching and cleaning process for excess particle removal – Soldering – testing.

Download Wireless equipment control using microcontroller Project Report code


  • Used for controlling house electrical equipments and prevents form their damage under over current conditions.
  • Used for controlling the industrial equipment and power generation equipment under overload situations.

Used to implement controlling mechanisms in labs.

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