Voice Enabling System for Blind People Using GPS Project Abstract

If we want to go to a function at a not so known place and we don’t know anything about that place like culture, language etc. what we would do, it would be extremely difficult to reach our desired destination. This is a problem faced by all of us regularly, most of the cases we lose our way which would lead to loss of precious time, energy and money. For most of us, who are normal and healthy at least can reach the destination somehow but for some unfortunates like the blind people finding a location becomes an extremely tedious process. They will be in need of continuous help and companionship till they reach their desired destination.

To overcome all this problems there are numerous global positioning system or commonly known as GPS satellites revolving around the earth, which gives continuous updates on where we are and where we are heading. There will be GPS receivers installed or with a person which will receive signals from the satellite and helps the user to navigate to their desired location.  These receivers are actually embedded systems and are loaded with software to read and display signals in a graphic map format, most of these receivers will also have a sound output where a voice will be telling our exact position and how much distance is to go before the preferred destination.

It would be of extreme help for blind people as they would be navigated with the help of the voice instruction coming from the audio output, now they can go anywhere they can without anybody’s help and assistance. All they would need to do is turn on the device and just say the place to go; the device would then calculate the distance and the route to that specific place:

Voice Enabling System Technology and Architecture of a GPS Receiver

The main component of the embedded system is the microcontroller; there would be an in built GPS antenna which captures signals and give it to the GPS receiver which would be attached to the microcontroller. There would be also sensors determining ultrasonic sounds, obstacles, altitude etc. A power supply unit will be there for supplying energy. The voice output is provided through a built in speaker 

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