Electrical Load Monitoring System

Our project Electrical Load Monitoring System and breaker with digital display using microcontroller,(project Report)  provides better solution for the electrical distribution networks in reducing the over current losses in power transmission. This system works based on ATMEL 89C51 micro controller in the control system. The present system is provided with a digital display for the user.

Figure: hardware implementation of Load monitoring and breaker with digital display using microcontroller.

Project description:

The main objective of Load Monitoring System project is develop an micro controller based control system for effective control over the abnormal varying parameters of the electrical network under over load and short circuit conditions.

  • Mechanism: For monitoring the over load condition a current transformer is used such that the primary of the current transformer is connected to the load line i.e. the voltage at the primary winding of CT is directly proportional to the current flowing in the load line, the secondary of current transformer is connected to the filter and rectifier circuit for converting ac in to dc and then fed to A/D converter the output digital pulses are given to the micro controller so then the micro controller takes relevant action whenever the value crosses the preset value. The micro controller is conditionally programmed for this specific task.
  • ATMEL 89C51: The micro controller is constructed using ATMEL 89C51 Micro-controller chip, this special purpose computing system is ideal for low power applications. This micro controller had CPU, clock circuitry, ROM, Ram and I/O circuitry fabricated on single integrated chip. ATMEL 89C51 programming is done on embedded C assemble language programming.

Download Electrical Load Monitoring System Project Report

Youtube video link to view presentation


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