Finding Missing People Using Image Processing

Title of the Project: Finding Missing   People Using Image Processing


Abstract One main objective of the project is to develop a missing children (people) find application that can be helpful for the common people whose beloved ones have been abducted missed, or rescued by the people.

In this Finding Missing People Using Image Processing application or website we provide person with entire data base of the missing children, so that the police can track about the whereabouts or file a case pertaining to the issue.

And the children found (known or unknown) details are uploaded by the police or by an appointed agent.

Entering details of the children like height, age, etc is a lengthy process and the search output is not efficient.

So to avoid this ambiguity we use image processing technique here, a person can upload a picture of whose information is to be known.

This Image will be mapped or compared with the images in the database and case details status etc can be displayed.

The time efficiency is more and output is also efficient.


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