Voice Alert Android Project

“Our Voice Alert Android project is that when message is received it will display a text message with voice alert”.
Actually in our mobiles if message is received it will just display the senders name and message sent will be displayed in inbox or as a dialog on the screen but when we open we can see in inbox only.

So in our voice alert project when a particular person is busy he cant be a able to see the message sent by the sender, he may ignore it, but in our project “VOICE ALERT” (a voice that says the sender name as alert).

He may know the sender name with voice and if necessary or important he may read the message if not he can ignore that message if they are busy.

Proposed System

In our voice alert project your android mobile speaks to you when following events are triggered i.e. when we receive a message to the mobile it stores the message and prompts a dialog box with three buttons “READ”,”DELETE”,”CANCEL”, when we tell “READ” the application reads the senders mobile number and reads the message content and when we tell “DELETE” it deletes the message.

Hence we can know the message easily in our busy schedule.

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  1. May i please kindly request that you aid me with the full documentation and source code of this project…? thanks

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