Virtual Reality Documentation

Introduction to Virtual Reality Seminar topic:

It is the environment that is generally generated by computer called computer generated environment that’s make the human feel like that he is in the real world. It is hosted by the computer like a database which is present inside the memory. A database is consist of images and vertices and images are also referred as polygon which as three vertices. It uses sensors for interaction and also helps computer to get connected with human brain for example head sensors.

Desktop virtual reality (VR) system: – In this the user can experience the virtual environment by just viewing on the computer display.

Immerse VR system: – In this type of VR the user is surrounded by the virtual environment.

Head mounted display (HMD):- It was the first technology that provides Immersive experience to the user, developed in 1965. It has motion trackers that measure the position of the user head which results that the user is able to walk in the virtual environment.

BOOM: – It stands for Binocular Omni orientation monitor. In this the screen and optical is attached to a multi link arm which guides the user in the virtual environment. This all devices are stored in the box.

Cave: – Cave stands for Cave automatic virtual environment that provides virtual images or pictures on the room wall or on the floor for this the user have to wear light weight stereo glasses.

Input and other technologies: – Various types of input devices are there such as joysticks, hand held wands which allow user to navigate in the virtual environment, data gloves and voice recognition.

Application: – The virtual reality has various type of reality such as in education, for health caring, manufacturing anything, learning and in productivity. It is also used for doing many space operations.

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