Research Paper on Virtual keyboard

Introduction to Virtual keyboard:

They are not the electronic device they are just the set of lights that look likes the keyboard and works like a keyboard. In this technique we use a device that produces the LASER light on the flat surface this LASER light produced is the keyboard. It creates detectable surface on which user don’t need to press the key like normal keyboard, we just need to move our finger to the respective key and device detects the motion of the fingers. As in today’s generation everything is getting smaller and smaller whether it’s the computer or mouse but one thing remained same that’s the keyboard. They always remain the same whether it is desktop or laptop.

This is very advanced technology that gives the new definition to the keyboard. This keyboard don’t have the disadvantage of button mal function, we can type with any speed even best for the gaming. This keyboard is just like the projector, we just need to touch the light and the output is displayed on the screen. Handheld is the device that is used to project the keyboard.

It emits the red light on the flat surface. They use short range Bluetooth connection for the transmission of the input to the computer. This technology allows the user to have full keyboard for their mobiles devices or wearable computer. Some provides the feature of the air means keyboard can be in air and we can access the key by moving hand to the keyboard.

ADVANTAGES: this keyboard is portable we can setup anywhere and very accurate and it overcomes the main problem of typing and button mal function. We just need a flat surface, that’s not the tough task.We can also change the layout of the keyboard with the help of software.

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