Paper Presentation on Virtual Prototype System

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Virtual Prototype System:

Super systems: it will be wrong if we call it super system, then it create in our mind of big systems. But actually a system that is built on the single chip is called system on chip (SoC). These chips are used in the mobile devices, which may have more than one CPU and more than one signal processing.  And many other things like USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth etc. mobile is handheld device. But if we talk about the base stations then it have many subsystems and many individual processors. They use super systems that comprises of many processing engines. Even in the many modern cars have super systems that have at least 80 processors.

Modern embedded systems like camera, printers are based on the virtual prototyping. This feature reduces size and price of the system and makes it less time consuming. As we can have better quality of work in less time, so it gives better profit earning.

To create embedded systems based on the virtual prototyping we need an engineering environment like CoMET. This is the tool used for creating system simulations specially system on chip configuration. With the help of this tool we can develop, create simulation, and provide better optimization. Other system used is the METeor.

It is used for the real time environment for both embedded and system on chip.  We can even design hardware and develop software components that we require. It has many components that are used for the control like DMA controller, memory controller.

VaSTis also the virtual model for prototyping. They are fast as well as accurate. They work at the speed of 200MIPS. They are based on the sequential development. They have better level of accuracy and performance.

Download  Paper Presentation on Virtual Prototype System .

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