Virtual Reality Paper Presentation

Virtual Reality Paper Presentation is a complex user interface. It includes simulations in real time with multiple sensory channels. These sensorial modalities are visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, etc.” VR is the penultimate of human computer interaction (HCI). It helps a person to participate in a three-dimensional computer-simulated world. Users of VR refer to their experience as “getting into” or becoming immersed in the virtual world. Movement of the head or body gives a resultant change in today’s computer generated world.

 VR is immersive with the help of special devices and the user gets the sense of being physically within the virtual world. The virtual world is scaled to the real world, human proportions, auditory, haptic and non-visual technologies which reinforce presence in simulated environments. Data devices provide access and alteration of the virtual world that make VR interactive. The participant is not a passive observer and interacts in a virtual world which will alter according to actions.

 Users wear a head-mounted display (HMD) which consists of a computer screen in front of the user’s eyes and a head tracking device. Head-orientation and location information is monitored which is relayed to a computer and relays the user HMD images. It relates to the direction where the user is looking in the virtual environment. Virtual scenes are constructed by integrating video images of real people with effects generated by programs such as 3D Studio MAX and DeepPaint.

 Virtual Reality is utilized to describe a generated computer virtual environment that is moved in real time and this environment is placed on a head-mounted display or a computer monitor, or a large projection screen.


 Within a short time, Virtual Reality has lost image of a technology and it is applied to every field of human life. VR provides better approach to understand the work and can be used in various fields like military and surgery, which is possible by Simulators.

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