Virtual Reality in Space Exploration Seminar Topic

Virtual-Reality-in-Space-Exploration-SeminarVirtual reality in space exploration seminar topic explains about introduction of virtual reality, Gearing up virtual interface, Data glove, Head mounted device, tele robotics, space shuttle inspector and space shuttle design assistant.

After Neil Armstrong took first step on the moon scientists had started exploring mysteries on space. But it was not an easy task for exploring moon there is risk in case of economic investments and safety of the astronauts. Government should invest hundreds of thousands for manufacturing space shuttles and managing resources. In order to conduct experiments on moon astronauts should face unpredictable situations such as risk of space shuttles from meteor, or failure of hardware or software equipment.

Scientists had already working on these problems and implemented new methods for dealing security issues for space exploration. One among them are virtual reality.

Virtual reality technology is a human computer interface application. In this technology humans are virtual 3d actors who can visual actual environment as 3D digital world or simple as cyberspace.

Virtual reality is a 3D world environment created in web world with a virtual domain where users can create avatars in three dimension and 3D models and visual the 3D world.

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