Haptic Reality System Seminar Topic

Haptic-Reality-System-SeminarHaptic reality system seminar topic explains about objectives of haptic system, applications of this system, devices which used haptic technology, functionality of Novint Falcon, Haptic Braille and functionality of haptic Braille. This technology works on sensing system, when human being touches or applies vibration or motion externally same motion related work will be done inside system.

Haptics is a new technology which is used in virtual environment in which users can feel about the objects externally. This concept was initiated from virtual reality. In order to feel the environment through network there need to be a feedback. Haptic feedback system belongs to feedback system.

Haptic feedback system is used in different application like teleoperators and simulators, computer and video games, mobile consumer technologies, haptics in virtual reality, research, medicine, robotics and arts and design.

This technology is mostly used in virtual reality applications and gaming system, in gaming system users can feel using joystics and steering wheels. This application is also used in temperature control but using this technology in reality is not still in use because of its cost factor. 

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