Virtual Reality (VR) Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Virtual Reality (VR) Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has an attractive great deal of attention. It depends on low response times of virtual environment for interaction user. Application of virtual reality to finite element analysis (FEA) and executing interactive FEA provide an interface to implement comprehensive and intuitive approach. Java 3d API is selected as software tool for developing interactive FEA.

It is possible to develop a virtual environment display for research and rehabilitation of balance disorders called Balance NAVE (BNAVE). It is a promising tool for rehabilitation. It has four PC’s, three stereoscopic projectors, and the three rear- projected screens. Virtual reality is used in many fields like Entertainment, Education, Science, Medical, Defense etc.

Virtual Reality (VR) is popular name for an absorbing, interactive, Computer-mediated experience where a person perceives a synthetic (simulated) environment with the help of special human-computer interface equipment. It interacts with simulated objects as if they were real.

 Virtual Reality is used to describe a computer generated virtual environment which may be moved in real time. This environment is displayed on a head-mounted display, a computer monitor, or a large projection screen. Head and hand tracking systems enable the user to observe, move around, and manipulate the virtual environment.

There are four technologies are crucial for VR. They are the visual displays that immerse the user in virtual world, the graphics rendering system that generates at, 20 or 30 frames per second, the tracking system that reports the position of user’s head and limbs, and the database construction and maintenance system for building design. Basically, there are three types of Virtual reality systems. They are fully immersion system, semi-immersion, and non-immersion.


Within a short span of time, Virtual Reality has lost image of a technology for a problem and is applied to nearly every field of human life. In FEA, VR provides better approach for understanding the work. It is used in many fields like military and surgery, and it is possible by Simulators.

Download Virtual Reality (VR) Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Technical Paper Presentation Seminar report.

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