Temperature Control System Project Report

In this Temperature control system project we presented a new concept which is enormously applicable in industrial needs, here we proposed a temperature controller base on in modern electronic automatic systems the operations are performed sequentially based task embedded in the systems, embedded systems plays a vital role in automatics sensors and control systems.

Temperature Control System Project Report

Temperature control Embedded System Introduction:

These embedded systems are boon to the modern day electronic systems. In industries there is a massive requirement of temperature controllers in order to secure our industrial equipments these sensors plays a crucial role. These temperature controllers acts as an on off switches which senses the variations in temperature if the present temperature crosses the threshold value this system operates automatically by tripping the circuit.

Micro controller based temperature control system:

Here in this paper we presented a micro controller based temperature controller, a low power and high performance 8051 microcontroller (AT89C52) is used to control the LCD functions, in determining current temperature and set threshold temperature such that when the current temperature is low than the threshold value the collector current will flow or else the relay operates and the device sets off (i.e. output load gets terminated).

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Here we use light emitting devices (LED) as a source for light indications. This circuit board is operated at 5v dc supply for than we uses the combination of step down transformer, bridge rectifier, voltage controller we obtain 5v dc from 230v ac mains supply. In this we had two major interfaces one is the ADC interface with the micro controller and the micro controller interface with the output LCD display.

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