Vehicle Accessing Using Authentication Project Abstract

Vehicle accessing using authentication project main aim of this project is to develop a RFID based system for vehicle authentication. In this system RFID tags will communicate with RFID reader module at a frequency of 125KHZ. This frequency is passed to controllers for further usage. RFID reader and RFID tags must be set to same frequency for communication between them.

                        To obtain the required parameters we assign different RFID tags to every vehicle that is to be authorized to pass through. These RFID tags have a range of 8-10cm when ever the vehicle that is assigned with these RFID tags enters the ENTRY/EXIT gates the RFID reader recognizes the RFID Tag and accesses the prior permission to the vehicle by opening the gate. The Microcontroller reads the RFID tag code and displays the time of the vehicle ENTRY/EXIT by using RTC (Real Time Clock) and displays it on the LCD.

                        Application of this kind can be used in offices, apartments, industries, colleges, Government or Private Sectors where there is a need to allow only authorized or secured vehicles to ENTER/EXIT in a particular area or zone.

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