Obstruction Detection & Auto Solving Vehicle ECE Project

The basic goal of this Obstruction Detection & Auto Solving Vehicle ECE Project is to portray the way controllers are utilized under robots. As per our needs, we are able to control the robotic vehicle. The robotic vehicle is utilized to be in the box that is position in the front place of the vehicle.

The disputing aims under this project are to create the code for the microcontroller with the help of embedded C for 8051, model LCD interface, and proximity sensors. The future enhancements include using DC Motors and three sensors. The utilization of great amount of stepper motors and sensors and we are able to move vehicle correctly. We are able to manage the vehicle remotely with the help of GPRS and RF method.

 The important elements used are 5 V DC Power Supply, Motor Driver – L293D, Buzzer, ATMEL AT89S52 Microcontroller, LCD 16*2 Alpha Numeric, Proximity Sensors, and Buzzer – Frequency 1 to 18 KHz ( 5V – 12V DC).

 The AT89S52 is the great accomplishment and less power of CMOS 8-bit microcontroller including 8K bytes of Flash memory of in-system program. The gadget is constructed by making use of great density of Atmel of nonvolatile memory method and is agreeable with the company and set and pin out of standard 80C51 instruction.


 Obstruction Detection & Auto Solving Vehicle ECE Project is concluded that the project makes use of Alpha Numeric LCD (16 x 2 Line), AT89S52 microcontroller Proximity Sensors, Motor Driver, and Buzzer. Three sensors are connected that are linked to the microcontroller, to the left, right, and front parts of the robotic vehicle. If there are no obstacles then all sensors are great.

Download Obstruction Detection & Auto Solving Vehicle ECE Project.

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