Vehicle Management System Project

Introduction to Vehicle Management System Project:

Vehicle Management System is software and it is implemented by using windows appliance which is printed for 32-bit Windows operating systems which is helpful in the area of count, cutting and deleting the passengers, staff and the bus routes with the help of following modules present in this system are Bus Management, Route Management, Employee Management and traveler Management. 


In the presented system all the jobs of the bus route management is prepared by hand, it is very complicated to the operators  needs to keep the objects records of the bus route in his office and a separate record for the passengers’ and for the booked seats. In current system there is no way to stock up the details of the employees’ working in the bus. So many complaints against staff can happen from the passengers’ side. So in the proposed system it should be analyzed thoroughly in agreement with the needs of the system. 


It is very useful for the operators and passengers they can decrease the working strain and can keep essential documents associated to the bus and the passengers. The advantage of the proposed system is the decrease in the cost of the office equipments , the business is done speedily and any operator can analyze easily  if any seats for a particular route in a particular day are available or not. 

All the resources essential for the growth of the software as well as the preservation of the software is existing in the organization here we are utilizing the resources which are previously available in the system by using this we can get the maximum usability of the same resources .Even after the development, the organization will not be in a condition to provide more in the organization.

In any it will be designed elements with input and output and must focus on database devise or how data should be organized around user requirements The general purpose of database using is to make information access, easy quick, inexpensive and flexible for other users. The main objective of software arrangement is to provide a frame work that enables the manger to make practical estimates made within a incomplete time frame at the beginning of the software project and should be simplified regularly as the project progresses.

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