Vehicle Detection System Using GPS Project Synopsis


Nowadays there are many accidents occurring at turnings, these occur due to over speed of vehicles across turnings, and the drivers don’t come to know about the vehicles approaching them at turnings. Due to this, many people lost their lives. We can avoid these accidents by developing an application which can detect the exact location of multiple vehicles using Global Positioning System and alerting the user on turning, by providing the information regarding no of vehicles approaching towards the user.


  • This application will detect the current location of the vehicle and notify if there are any vehicles approaching on the other side of the turnings. So this will minimize the accidents at deep curves.
  • We use GPS and microcontroller to know the locations of the vehicles.
  • It sends an alert to the respective driver on detecting the nearby vehicle.

Existing System:

  • The present system for vehicles to check the opposing flow of traffic is to look through concave mirrors which are placed at the side of the road.
  • These concave mirrors are very convenient to use as it can be placed anywhere without any restrictions.
  • But these concave mirrors doesn’t work when the vehicles are overtaking on a single road.
  • And when the vehicles are at high speeds drivers normally can’t take their eyes off the road, so they don’t observe the mirrors. This will lead to accidents.

Proposed System:

  • In order to overcome the risk of accidents, we propose the idea of “Vehicle Detecting System”, which gives an alert to the drivers, about the opposing vehicles within a particular radius of the vehicle, through the phone.
  • This application works on GPS.
  • It takes the location of vehicles and alerts the drivers if there are any vehicles within the radius of their vehicle.
  • The phone acts as a GPS module to know the location of the car and the phone/microcontroller acts as the receiver of the alerts sent to the driver.

Use Case Diagram:

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  1. Hi I wanted to do my minor project on vehicle detection I want every details on this can u help me with this?

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