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Are you new to the city? Confused where to go on a weekend or could not find any relevant information on the internet about a destination to spend your quality time. Don’t worry that’s what we are going to provide you. A single place where one can find all the malls in your city, with detailed information about the things one can do like shopping, watching movies, dining, and gaming for kids.

This Easy Search Guide application not only provides details of malls but also provides offers one can avail in the shopping stores or in restaurants and also current movies running, with everything reviewed and rated by the users. We make everything easy for the users with our information so that users can easily find their next shopping destination or a place where the family can spend their day out without any hassle.

Existing System:

Though we have applications to find the restaurants nearby or you can find the malls nearby on maps. We don’t have any single application that provides information on all malls and restaurants along with offers and reviews altogether. We don’t know about the deals or offers provided by a store at the mall until we visit in by a person. We even cannot find such information on the web.

Proposed System:

We are going to build a responsive single page web application using HTML5, CSS3, and React.Js for the front end part and Node.js with a relational database to process the data from the database and provide it to the front end. We choose React and Node. js because of their maintainability, prototype, fast nature, and reusability.

The Easy Search Guide application will list down the malls nearby using geolocation API or the user can manually select from the list of cities provided. When clicked on the mall list of categories will be available like shopping, dining, entertainment depending on the selection, the user will be shown the list of shopping stores or restaurants or movies available and the current offers which user can avail. Users can see the rating or reviews of the shopping store or restaurant and if they want to add a review or rate a store or restaurant they need to log in with their Google or Facebook account.

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

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