Advanced Vehicle Security System Project Synopsis


This main & objective of this proposed project work is an attempt to design an advanced vehicle security application that can identify vehicle accident detection and fire detection alert can send the details over GSM to authorized persons.

In present existing security models, there is no such automation system which will send alert to the user when an accident is meet or if it gets caught with fire. It is very difficult to identify the vehicle in this situation.

We are proposing the new security system for 4 wheelers, which will have given security to the vehicle. In this system, the vehicle will have Position sensor and bump sensors inside the car to detect the vehicle accident and we have a temperature sensor to detect engine overheating and alert the user in the car with buzzer sound and an alert is sent over GSM module.

The entire security system is controlled with Arduino UNO board. This complete system is designed taking into consideration the low range vehicles to provide them extreme security.

Required Components:

Temperature sensor
12V Battery
Motor Driver
DC Motors
Arduino Uno
Bump sensors
GYRO module

Block Diagram:

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