APMC Management System Project Synopsis

APMC management system project is for farmers and traders to sell and buy the products and manage them.

  1. Admin
  • Admin should log in and he can manage formers and traders like deleting them.
  • He can able to buy the products from the formers.
  1. Former
  • Former should register first then he can log in to the system.
  • He can sell the products where he should upload the product name product image, quantity, price per quantity.
  1. Trader
  • The trader should register and then he can log in.
  • He can purchase all the products uploaded by the formers.
  • Payment method for the selected quantity.
  1. Feedback system formers and traders. Admin can see the feedbacks.
  2. Separate product uploads option for the farmers who don’t want to register and login.
  3. View all products option at the home page.

Need 5 entities and at least 5 tables in the database and triggers should be added.

Front end: VB .net / Java

Back end: MySql/oracle

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