Vehicle wrong routing detection on highways Project

Vehicle wrong routing detection on highways


In present days many accidents are happening because of wrong route driving on highways, even after advertisements on roadside barrier gates and postures but people are not getting it used it and not following that traffic rules, to avoid these accidents we have come up with a product which will detect the vehicle in wrong route driving.

We are using a pocket-size computer called raspberry pi which will have camera attached to it on vehicle front portion to detect the wrong route indication sign boards, this raspberry pi has small speaker attached to it which will alert the driving with voice announcement not to drive in the wrong route and vehicle speed will be reduced to 30Km/hr and parking lights will on for vehicle safety.

Block Diagram:

Hardware Requirements:

  • Battery
  • Speaker
  • Parking lights
  • Power regulator unit
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Camera
  • Motor Driver
  • DC Motor

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