GPS Project for Identifying  vehicle accident project is for final year students who are looking to implement hardware and software integrated project by using telecommunication technologies like GSM, GPS. This projects main idea is to develop a simple hardware project using microcontroller which will help in finding location of person with accurate longitude and latitude measurements which is very useful in serious situations like locating a accidental spot of a victim. GPS-Project-for-Identifying-vehicle-accident.

As technology is playing a vital role in day to day life still there are areas where development is very less mainly in security field. SO this application fills that gap in finding out the location of person even in remote areas where there is no communication facility available. 

This hardware application works on vibration sensor and GPS system. This hardware application will sense vibrations when accident is accorded to a vehicle which will send signals to microcontroller then microcontroller will send signals to LCD display using GSM network. Then GPS will track vehicles longitude and latitude for every five seconds and process to computer.                

This application has lot of scope for introducing in to real life like providing information to 108 services. This application will help 108 services to track accident sport accurately which can save life’s.

 System specification for GPS Project for vehicle accident identification.

Hardware requirements 






POWER SUPPLY                             

 Software requirements 

1. Keil software 

2. Flash magic

Download Project report  of GPS Project for Identifying  vehicle accident.