Bomb Detection Robot Project

The design scheme of this robot is based on the recognition metal based on the principle of mutual inductance. This is verified by on-board reference comparison. The metal detection circuit is mounted on a robot which is controlled by RF.

This Bomb Detection Robot project is developed on embedded platform, whose software platform use the firmware written in embedded C. The metal detection circuit contains a coil which when placed over a metal, changes the response of the system and inturn the system signals the remote node about the detection and rings a buzzer on the robot.

The whole Bomb Detection Robot project is implemented on 8051 based AT89S52 controller and the compiler used is RIDE/KEIL. the remote metal detecton values are displayed on the LCD. The controlling of the robot is enabled with zigbee network.



Embedded ā€˜Cā€™
RIDE to write code
ISP to burn the chip


At89s52 based our own developed board
Power Supply
RF transmitter and receiver
DC motors
Motor driver
Metal detector sensor

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