Unique P-Mail Addressing an Internet Based Application

Unique P-Mail Addressing an Internet Based Application: The modern way of learning is Internet technology. Moreover, the Internet is facing many problems such as hacked by intruders and many threats. To overcome these problems, we have got concept of P-Mail addressing systems (Personal mailing systems). For this, an ID will be allotted to the child and may not be hacked by anyone. Fingerprints, retina scan, or heartbeat is used as a password. This chip can communicate with the satellites and it provides great security than any other.

Internet is an interconnected computer networks, used worldwide. The Internet is a network of convergence of media computers and telecommunications. The type of technology we are utilizing today is facing many problems. The technologies used in these systems are Embedded Systems with Digital Signal processing & Biometrics Identifications.

According to the concept of P-mail systems at the time of birth of a child, a chip would be inserted in the new born child in the form of a molecule. This chip would be connected to the main nerves that control the brain and it accessed through satellite. It allocates a number to that child or UNIQUE name, which is called P-mail address (Personal Mail Address). This would be his identification code like his name.

The chip has very important role in this concept of P-mail systems. The chip would be embedded software, which performs many tasks such as Internet is a way through which the whole world is connected by using the P-mail address, Global Positioning System permanently activated, no need to carry cell phones, lap tops, no heck to remember ID and password, and passwords cannot be hacked.


The above concept of P-mail systems plays a very important role in human life. It takes care of all the tasks done by the human. With the help of this technology, global positioning is achieved. GPS system is accessed by many devices.

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