.Net based ERP Application

ERP application is different from Risk management. The risk is domain while ERP is model. Risks are imminent in any models (ERP, CRM etc).  An ERP is a combination of HR, Accounting, and Payroll, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management etc. The SAP is one of the ERP application platform providers.

Here, we shall concentrate on building a prototype ERP application (web-based), say a company portal managing the HR systems.

HR activities include onboarding of new recruits, exits of existing resources, incentive decision making, generic approvals/rejections etc.

The same can be shared with your team as a prototype of an ERP. Considering the time constraint of 8 days, HR portal is something which we can come up with.

The SQL server (backend scripts) would be provided along with front-end asp.net based application – the source code.

Please Note: If you have to demonstrate the system to others, the system must be equipped with below requirements :

Please note, the documentation work for

  • Visual Studio 2010 or higher should have been installed.
  • SQL Server management studio 2008 or higher.
  • .Net framework 4.0 or above.

Modules Included in this Project are below:


  • crm.aspx
  • EffortCalc.aspx
  • EmpPerform.aspx
  • HRM.aspx
  • Inbox.aspx
  • Login.aspx
  • manufature.aspx
  • ModuleAllot.aspx
  • NewProject.aspx
  • ProjectModule.aspx
  • Projectprogression.aspx
  • Registration.aspx
  • TeamDetails.aspx
  • TurnOver.aspx
  • VWReport.aspx

Team Leader

  • BenchMark.aspx
  • EmpPerformance.aspx
  • Inbox.aspx
  • TLHome.aspx
  • ViewWork.aspx

Team Member

  • Inbox.aspx
  • LeaveRequest.aspx
  • TMHome.aspx
  • UWProgress.aspx

Project Leader

  • Inbox.aspx
  • LeaveRequest.aspx
  • PLHome.aspx
  • ProjectAssigned.aspx
  • View.aspx
  • WorkReport.aspx

Download The Web based ERP Application using .Net Technology.

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