Finance Corp Network-based Java Application

APSFC is a network-based application, programmed for the banking sector namely Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation. The activities such as information of the employees working in the organization, Industries to whom the loans are issued and different types of loans available are designed and the interest rates applicable are set in the master tables.

The information and status populated using the appropriate menus such as employee detail report, customer detail report; loans detail report, interest report, customer loan detail report & payment detail report.The system security is taken care by a login form, which allows only authorized users to utilize the system.

The automation of the activities is being processed by this computerized package.In the computerized package it will be easier to check the customer details by entering the loan number all the other information is displayed. Monthly installments are exactly calculated according to the number of months and the interest rates applicable. Payments can be tracked easily. The two basic modern design strategies employed in the software design are Top down design and Bottom up design.

Top down design is decomposition process, which focuses on the flow of control, at later stages it concern itself with the code production. The important feature is that at each level the details of the design at the lower level are hidden. In the bottom up design one first identifies and investigates the parts of design that are most difficult and necessary designs are made and the reminder of the design is tailored to fit around the design.

It vaguely represents a synthesis process.The major hardware and software requirements on both the Client and Server are Internet connection with 33.6 KBPS modem, Pentium 233 MHz 42 GB, 256 MB RAM (server), any P.C with Windows/Unix compatibility, 12 MB RAM (client), operating System (Windows/Unix/Linux), JDK 1.4.1, Web Server, running on any platform, JDBC/ODBC drivers installed, Servlets 2.0 and JSP, functional Java enabled browser and Data base (Oracle 8i).

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