Unix File System Engineering Seminar Topics

Unix File System Engineering Seminar Topics: To ease access to nonvolatile storage using a file system is intrinsic to the UNIX programming paradigm. A File is an important abstraction in the programming field. Files serve as storage data permanently. The file system is the method the operating system manages, organizes, and maintains the hierarchy of file into mass-storage devices, hard disks.

In UNIX, everything can be assumed as a file even physical processes and devices. The UNIX file system follows hierarchical system. Every file is within a directory. Every directory is within other directory excluding the highest-level directory or the root directory which is the forward slash “/”.

Users own the files and can determine the access to files and directories. A simple file is a series of bytes which is addressable to byte granularity and it functions as a non-volatile storage.

UNIX file name space contains hierarchically nested directories with files. Files are accessed with standard library interfaces command line utilities accessible to application software. UNIX provides an easy access to files.

A UNIX file is storage of information. It is a sequence of characters. A file consists of bytes which we put in a source program or executable code. It does not have size or attributes or end-of-mark or name. Though everything is defined as a file by UNIX, it is divided into three categories. They are Ordinary files, Directory files, and Device files.


The file system contains information pertaining to files at various places with suitable links among them. System administrator should have the knowledge of file system to fix inconsistencies which tend to crop up. As UNIX handles everything as a file, it could not make difference between many types of file, so it is easy to treat all types of files in the same manner. UNIX system is the first file system that provides the hierarchical structure.

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