I2c Protocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application


The main aim of I2C PROTOCOL BASED REAL TIME CLOCK CONTROL APPLICATION project is integrate communication protocol through I2C.


I2C IC is one of the widely used serial bus protocol which is used to connect with devices like EEPEOM memory, and specialized chips that monitor parameters lie temperature and power supply voltages 12C IC are one of the mostly used Integrated circutes for establishing communication between real time clocks and embedded devices. with transmitters to link LCD monitor to a host and soon the systems management bus (SMS bus) is a subset if I2C. 

Hard ware: 

  • LCD
  • DS 1307
  • AT89S52 

Skill set: 

  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming
download II2c Protocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application abstract.

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