UML Seminar Topics For Computer Science

UML Seminar Topics For Computer Science: With UML features, software can be used in more realistic method with Generalization, Association, Dependency relationships and Graphical symbols. Software engineering has two technologies Forward Engineering and Reverse Engineering and which is used to save Time, Money and Energy.

Software is a set of different programs, when executed, provides a desired features, functions, and performance. S/W is a logical rather than physical element. Software engineering (SE) is the profession of people who create and maintain software systems by using practices and technologies from project management, computer science, engineering, application domains and other fields.

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. It is an object-oriented system of notation. This language is accepted by the Object Management Group (OMG) as the standard for modeling object oriented programs. It has nine types of diagrams. By using these diagrams, we can simplify the given s/w project easily.

Class Diagrams are the backbone of UML. They describe the static structure of a system. Object Diagrams describe the static structure of a system at any particular time, which are used to test class diagrams for accuracy. Use Case Diagrams model the system functionality using actors and use cases. Collaboration Diagrams represent interactions between objects and describe static structure and the dynamic behavior of a system. Component Diagrams describe the organization of physical software components which include source code, run-time (binary) code, and executables. Deployment Diagrams depict the physical resources in a system including nodes, components, and connections. Activity Diagrams illustrate the dynamic nature of a system by modeling the flow of control from activity to activity. Associations represent static relationships between classes. Generalization or inheritance is a relationship between two classes. Dependency defines a relationship, in which changes to one package will affect another package.

UML Seminar Topics For Computer Science Conclusion:

Using these UML features, it is easy to simplify the given project in more advanced method and using UML diagrams, we can represent the software in more realistic way.

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