Android based Astrologer Application


In India most of the population is more interested in Horoscope, so we would like to build an application in android mobiles, As there are numerous web sites for horoscope it is quite interesting to develop such an application in mobile phone itself. This Android based Astrologer Application gives the horoscope of a person with the given date of birth details. In our application the user will get the horoscope in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly prediction based on their signs.

Existing System:

In generally if you want to see your horoscope we need to check daily paper or calendar if you have net facility you can see in websites. In existing system we don’t have the horoscope daily, weekly, monthly, yearly prediction.

Proposed System:

Right now each and everybody has their own mobile that’s way we are going to do this horoscope application in android mobile in our application we have mainly 2 roles those are user and admin .

User modules

1. Knowing His / Her sign.

In this module if anybody don’t know their signs simply they can give their date of birth according to their date of birth they will get sign.

2. Selecting prediction

In this module the user will select the prediction like day, week, month, year prediction.

Admin Modules

1. Authentication

In this module the admin need to login for authentication.

2. updating horoscope data

By this module the admin will update the horoscope information.

Note: In order to deploy the  Astrologer Application  we need a android phone with 2.3 with internet connectivity in that.

Software Environment:

  • Web Server : Tomcat
  • Programming Technologies : Java, Java Server Pages, Servlets,
  • Client-side Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX
  • Ides : Eclipse
  • Database Server : My Sql
  • Operating System : Windows (or) Linux (or) Mac any version

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