Web Mail Filter Seminar Topic

Web-Mail-Filter-Seminar-Topic.Web Mail Filter Seminar Topic explains about filtering mails in a organization by admin based on user specified unwanted mail id’s. This paper contains modules details, system analysis, user case diagrams and hardware and software requirements.

In existing system there is no mail filtering mechanism for any organization there are lot of unwanted mails with virus and spam’s. This proposed system will explain in detail about filtering mechanisms.

This application is developed in three modules.

Admin: This module uses UBL and IP address for filtering unwanted mails. Administrator will take mails from organization before filtering mails.

User : User should submit unwanted email id’s and virus definitions to administrator.

Filter: using filters administrator will delete or restrict unwanted mails and virus without reaching users.

This application is developed in Java as client side scripting and oracle as database, JDBC, servlets, JSP as web applications.

download Web Mail Filter Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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