Study of Training and Development Strategies of BPO Service Companies in Hyderabad

The objective of the study

  1. To find out the effectiveness and efficiency of the employee after training in the select companies of study.
  2. To study the impact of the training on the efficiency of the organizations taken for the study.


  1. There is no effectiveness of training programs on the efficiency of employees in select organizations.
  2. There is no significance between training and the growth of the organization selected for the study.

Research Methodology

In this research, an attempt is made to collect first-hand information by administering a structured questionnaire to 320 respondents in four samples of BPO Companies in Hyderabad. The four largest BPO companies, namely Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and CTS at Hyderabad have been selected for the study. The sample customers are taken on a random sampling basis at the rate of 80 respondents totaling 320. The respondents are all at entry level only. The techniques used for data analysis are Averages, Percentages, and Chi-Square tests. 

Sources of data: 

There are two types of data. They are as follows: 

  • Primary Data: 
  1. Data samples will be collected by designing questionnaires for employees and personal interviews with BPO employees
  2. Gathering of information from HR and training managers of BPO industries
  • Secondary Data:

Secondary data will be collected from the annual record of BPO’s periodicals, journals, and the internet.

Sample Design: 

  1. Population: All employees working in BPOs in Hyderabad.
  2. Sample: Four largest BPOs in Hyderabad
  3. Sampling Method

Sample Size: 

Around 320 employees (80 from 4 selected BPOs 80X4)

Period of the Study:

The study period has been taken as preceding 5 years.

Techniques of Analysis:

The techniques used for analysis and interpretation are Averages, Percentages, and Chi-Square tests. 

Scope of the Study:

This study finds out practices pertaining to the training and development function, which is a part of broader human resources management. This study is based on the four selected largest BPO companies in Greater Hyderabad covering about 600 Square Kilometers in Telangana.

Limitations of the Study:

The accuracy of the study is based on the reliability of the data collected. The study has been confined to a sample of four BPO companies, Hyderabad only. The inferences derived from the study and the suggestions made for further improvement need not necessarily be applicable to similar home loan organizations in the industry.

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