A study on Equity Analysis with reference to Selected IT Companies


The study covers all the information related to the Equities it also covers the risk and returns in IT industry. The study is confined only one Sector i.e IT industry and the entire study is based upon their Stock prices for a period of last two years. The present study attempts to analyze the risk and return in the IT industry in the current scenario and attempts to give a well understanding to the investors regarding the investment in this industry.


  • To observe the rate of fluctuations in equity share prices of IT industry.
  • To determine the amount of risk & returns involved in the securities of IT industry.
  • To observe the degree of volatility in IT industry.
  • To understand the price fluctuations & the factors influencing the fluctuations of IT industry. 


The Scope of the study confines to the risk and return analysis and price fluctuations in respect of the equity share prices of the major IT companies traded in the stock exchange for a one year period. The study aims to find out the factors influencing prices of the IT stocks.


The Study on Risk and Return Analysis of equity shares in IT industries was undertaken with an objective of getting an insight into the concept of investments, the risks and the returns involved. The study aims to determine the risk involved in the investments and the factors affecting the risk. The other objectives of the study are to observe the rate of fluctuations and the degree of volatility of the selected industries.

The study is confined to the IT sector and analyzed four companies – TCS, WIPRO, HCL INFOSYSTEMS and INFOSYS. The data of the only one sector – TCS, WIPRO, HCL INFOSYSTEMS and INFOSYS are collected. 

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