Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising – To be or Not to be Project

Objectives of the Study:

  • To identify whether advertising on Tobacco and Alcohol to be or not be.
  • How advertising of Alcohol and Tobacco tending youth to get addicted.
  • Regulations and guide lines from government side and Income generation perspective.
  • How Alcohol and tobacco directly or indirectly effecting the health of the public especially youth and impact on society.
  • Contribution of advertising in increasing the contribution of consumption of alcohol and tobacco products.

Need of the Study:

There are many Impacts which are cursing the youth and children and the the role which is being played by Advertsing is also key and the Impact on society, youth, children etc.., Governments may put guide lines, rules and regulations to control the adverse effects but the fact is that the governments could sustain only if they encourage alcohol and tobacco sales and the revenue generated by them as tax directly and indirectly. The bribings to government officials, vulgar advertisements on Hordings etc.., has tend me to know and understand whether the advertising is to be or not to be on Alhocol and Tobacco Products.

Scope of the Study:

The scope of the Study is varied but confined to Chennai city and the study is carried out in questionnaire model and it was an Interview based model. The respondents are from different age groups, Income levels, educational backgrounds. The scope here is confined to advertising, Pros and cons of Alcohol, Pros and Cons of Tobacco and the role of advertising Tobacco and Alcohol Products and the effects etc were discussed breifly.
Statement Problem

Limitations of the Study:

  • The respondents Includes different age groups, Agencies, educational backgrounds, economic levels which gives different opininons of few questions.
  • Sample size is limited to 200 respondents of Chennai Region.
  • The research is confined to a certain part of Chennai City.
  • Time is one more constraint and the energy levels pertaining to temperature of Chennai city.


Difenetely the advertising on Alcohol and tobacco Products is not to be case in India in current Scenario. The central and state governments has to cordinate with all concerned departments in controlling the adverse effects of drinking and smoking. Every one have to think and it is the responsibility of every one mainly the celebrities who are giving ads to alcohol and the tobacco based products. The parents who have to monitor their children and their friends and their activities as it is been observed the youth is getting attracted to these and spoiling their lifes and careers. The domestic issues and work issues need to be handled in balance, smoking or the drinking may give temperory relaxation but it is not the permanenet solution moreover it kills.


  • Reducing or controlling the adverse effects of alochol or the tobacco is the collective of all the individuals of society, it may be with in the family, Parents, NGOs, Media, Governments etc.,
  • The Governments has to work transperantly and honestly on controls.
  • The celebrities have to work on Promotion of effects ofAlcohol or Tobacco rathet than promoting their consumption.
  • The existing regulations and guidelines are enough only to some extent but they are not enough.
  • Few States like Gujarath could manage to develop even after having Ban on surrogative products and it had happened only because of Industrialization etc.,
  • The other States and the central governments have to work on strategies on generating revenues apart from tobacco and alcohol related products.

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