Steganography Student Seminars

Steganography Student Seminars: Steganography is an art and science of hiding information by embedding messages within an object. It is seemingly harmless messages. It is useful in various areas like personal, military, diplomatic, and intellectual property applications. Steganography is the term which is applied to much number of processes which will hide a message within an object. The hidden message is not visible to an observer.

Steganography is an art with which writing is hidden with the help of recovery by the minds of men. Though people have hidden secrets throughout the ages, the recent development in technology and computational power has propelled to today’s security techniques. Steganography literally means hidden writing or covered writing that is writing is known to casual observer.

Steganography solves this problem by hiding the sensitive and secret information in a harmless file called carrier file. Steganographic software allows information which is hidden in graphics such as sound files. By this technology, data can be hidden in a normal picture without altering its appearance or size. The hidden messages do not need to be encrypted and it can be plain like everyday English.

Steganography has two types. They are Fragile and Robust. Fragile steganography is embedding of information into a file, which is destroyed if the file is altered or modified. Robust marking aims to embed information into a file, which cannot be destroyed easily.

An attempt to detect the use of steganography is called Steganalysis. It is the task of detecting and disabling steganographic information. It can be either passive or active.


Steganography is a dynamic tool and capability to adapt new technology. It has its own position in computer data security. One can deduce that usage of steganography is growing with the amount of commercial tools present today. Steganography is another tool to hide data. Hiding a message decreases the message detection with steganography methods.

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