Video Fingerprinting and Encryption Principles MCA Final Seminar

This paper Video Fingerprinting and Encryption Principles MCA Final Seminar shows a tutorial of video scrambling algorithms and digital fingerprinting based on partial encryption. So we focus on the problems of encryption and video fingerprinting.

In constrained communication applications, multimedia security algorithms enable digital rights management (DRM). We focus on the video-on-demand (VoD) business model where subscribers request and receive video information to service provider at scheduled intervals. In a DRM context, the primary objective of fingerprinting and encryption is to protect video content from various attacks made by one or more attackers.

Overall, this article is based on two folds.  First one is to present a tutorial of the emerging areas of video fingerprinting, state-of-the-art review, and encryption highlighting design challenges for multicast environments. The second one is to propose the approach of joint fingerprinting and decryption (JFD) to establish a compromise between practicality and security for DRM applications.

Consider a single transmitter, which can be a VoD server to refer to source or server that communicates with any number of receivers that we call users. In every situation, the source should be responsible for embedding the global group watermark which may contain copyright and ownership information.

Using secret key cryptography, it is also responsible for encrypting the media content which is common for all users. The use of a group key for encryption enables multicast communications but needs more sophisticated key management. Fingerprinting can be done either at the transmitter or receiver and separate or integrated with the cryptographic process.


This document provides an overview of various issues that should be addressed for video encryption and fingerprinting in a DRM context. By giving the thrust toward security, a solution is needed that give a better compromise between security and complexity. Low-complexity security solutions should take careful account of the application, dependent restrictions and competing objectives.

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