Steganography Latest Technical Seminar Topic with Report for CSE 2012 Students

Introduction to Steganography Latest Technical Seminar Topic:

Steganography is the method of hiding information in other information. This method is used widely for concealing secret messages. There are a variety of steganography techniques but the digital method is the best. Different techniques are used for different applications. These project further attempts to find out the needs of a good steganography algorithm. This system consists of an array of hidden messages and secret communications that are yet to be discovered. This is also a safe way of transmitting messages.

Steganography is a popular subject and it falls outside the cryptography mainstream as well as the administration system that we deal with almost every day. This system is used for hiding of communication. The limits of steganography practice and theory has been explored by us. The enhancement of the steganographic image system with the help of LSB approach provides a secure way of communicating. The system includes a stage- key during the message embedment into the image cover.

The steganography application software teaches many things like the availability of image files and the kind of file formats that can be hidden inside it. The master plan of of this application support all kinds of pictures without even the need to convert it in the bitmap format. It also do not pose much limitation of the size of the files that can be hidden inside it thus providing ample storage capability to the users. Smooth and proper communication is the main desire of humanity since the earliest time.

The current research in watermarking protects intellectual property proves that the technique of steganography does not have its application limited only to the espionage and military purposes. Like cryptography the technique of steganography will also play a lead role in the future and will make the communication system more secure in the world of digital. 

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