Steganography Presentation For Students

Steganography is the science and art of concealing the existence of information. It conceals the meaning or content of the existence message. Steganographic systems hide the messages within images or any other digital objects and these messages are invisible. There are two basic principles, i.e., files which have digitized images or sound can be changed to an extent in order to function properly and the inability of human to difference minor changes in image colors or sound quality. The image can be of 16-bit sound, 8-bit or 24-bit image.

Steganography Presentation For Students is to establish conceal communication is very important nowadays with the vast growth of the Internet. The process of steganography is mostly implemented on images. It is the art and science of writing hidden messages such that only recipient knows existence of the message.

 Steganography is used widely in historical times like hidden messages in wax tablets, hidden messages on messenger’s body, and hidden messages on paper in secret links.

This formula provides pieces of the steganographic process:

Cover_medium(image/audio files) + hidden_data + stego_key=stego_medium.

Modern techniques of steganography are hidden text within Web pages, hiding files in plain sight, and null ciphers. These types of steganography are used in conjunction with cryptography such that the information is doubly protected.

The most widely used application of steganography is digital watermarking. It is used to maintain the confidentiality of important information, to protect the data from possible sabotage, theft, and also used for illegitimate reasons. Steganography is still a new idea. It is difficult to detect the large text file within an image.


Steganography is an effective and fascinating method of hiding data which is used throughout history. There are many reasons to use data hiding that include watermarking for passwords or key processes. However, this technology is easy to implement but difficult to detect.

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