Storage Area Network SAN Paper Presentation for CSE

Storage Area Network SAN Paper Presentation for CSE: Data perceived today is the key for various organizations like stock exchange, banking, government record etc. It is an explosive demand for data storage and this demand is addressed by deploying SAN. The activity of sharing a single large storage device over many applications has made SAN an attractive application in today’s market.

In today’s computing network, data theft, fraud, hacker attempts, and human error exchange across the public networks like internet. Data storage networking venders are rapidly deploying and developing security frameworks for protection of data stored. It helps to ensure safe and reliable data processing over a storage area networks (SAN).

One thing to remember about SAN security is that SAN is a vulnerable network to the sorts of vulnerabilities. SAN resources are protected by physical security and the hosts should meet stringent security requirements.

Storage area network is a dedicated centrally managed infrastructure. It enables interconnection of server and data storage system. Basically, it is a high speed network behind LAN/WAN networks. It is optimized for data I/O operation and storage management. It facilitates sharing of resources, universal access, supports unpredictable information technology growth, improves information protection, provides affordable 24 x 365   availability, and disaster tolerance.

SAN removes data traffic during backup process which increases network performance. It improves data access that provides high speed network communications. It helps to centralize management of system and consolidate backups, increasing overall system efficiency. It is added to the network with minimal disruption.

SAN is broadly classified into three layers. They are Host Bus Adaptors, SAN Network, and Storage Devices. SAN Management is a combination of two managements, Storage Management and Network Management.


SAN is a data centric network. It is deployed over networks and devices for data management and enterprise growth where data security is of main concern. The storage networking association has built a working area and will come out with specifications and standard recommendations.

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