Spam Liquidator CSE Technical Topic

This PowerPoint presentation Spam Liquidator CSE Technical Topic shows the execution of Spam liquidator configuration which includes many categories. With this configuration, the user can login with his host, port number, user ID, and password. In Spam Liquidator, the core of the decision making is called a Filter. A filter decides whether the message must be downloaded or not.

Tool of blocking the junk mail is called spam liquidator(SL). To implement Spam Liquidator, we need Operating System, Mail Server, and Mail Client. Core of the project includes Filters, Definition, Types, Subject Mail Filter, Sender Mail Filter, Recipient Mail Filter, Size Mail Filter, and Null Mail Filter.

There are two kinds of filters one is global and other is local. Local filters are related to a maildrop whereas global filters are associated to all maildrops. A filter has a single job to decide whether to download a single message or not. The real decision is made with a sequence of filters. There can be a global filters as per maildrop one.

Spam Liquidator is a tool to remove unwanted mails and it is a user friendly. The optimum utilization of this tool is possible. All basic filters are provided. It reduces the work of user interaction. The wastage of time is reduced. It helps in optimum distribution of funds among users. It is more flexible.

Spam Liquidator is proposed to be developed with WINDOWS-2000 Server as the operating system and Java Mail API of J2EE Technologies.


In an organization, each employee has a mailbox and any one can send any number of mails to this mailbox. Sometimes, we suffer from lengthy mails, spam mails which need all the memory allotted for the mail box, and so on. These types of mails are controlled by our company administrator since he is responsible to control all mailboxes. Here those constraints are our filters.

Download Spam Liquidator CSE Technical Topic.

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